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Moving to Argentina?
Need a visa? Do you need temporary or permanent residency? Are you doing business in Argentina and want to protect your rights? Argentina Residency & Citizenship Advisors can help you with all these issues and more.

Did you know…

Immigration proceedings, when started from a consulate abroad, can last forever! The Department of Migrations in Buenos Aires is responsible for ruling on your application. ARCA deals with the Department of Migrations directly, avoiding bureaucratic interagency delays.
Foreigners doing business and signing contracts in Argentina without a DNI (national identity document) do not have the same rights as Argentine citizens. Furthermore, without a DNI you cannot open a bank account, or run your own business: you need a legal representative in Argentina who manages your business on your name. However, foreigners who do have a DNI are entitled to the same rights (except voting) and legal protections as Argentine citizens.
The only way to obtain a DNI is through temporary or permanent residency.
Our local attorneys can negotiate with government officials if problems occur and the Department of Migrations does not approve your initial application.
ARCA provides a money-back guarantee! If we can’t get your residency approved, your expenses will be just the paperwork and taxes, but you pay us nothing.
More facts about residency…

Unlike other firms who charge by the hour, tack on documentation fees, and even charge for faxes and phone callsARCA has simple flat-rate pricing. You’ll pay us just once and receive our entire range of included services.

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