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Do I need a lawyer to get a visa? Can I do the paperwork myself?

The short answer is no. Just as you can represent yourself in court without an attorney, you are free to apply for a visa without one. However, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you decide to employ the services of an attorney. Remember that consular officials and visa examiners have no interest in getting your application approved. They are only processing the paperwork in accordance with the law.

ARCA, on the other hand, is working for you. We are your advocate and we prepare the application and supporting documents so that there is no legal reason for your application to be denied. We ensure that the visa examiners apply the law fairly and consistently when ruling on your application. Although it is hardly ever necessary, we can go to court and challenge an examiner's ruling if they are not applying the law fairly with respect to your application.

When problems do arise, typically we can resolve them by simply coming to a compromise with the examiner. If you do not have a document they require, it is possible for us to negotiate for some other document to serve as a substitute. If you were working without a lawyer, however, they would simply deny your application and move on to the next. When you work with ARCA, we will continue to work until your visa is approved.

Are my conversations with ARCA confidential?

Yes, ARCA maintains the strictest confidentiality. Please note that your Immigration Advisor is not an lawyer, however, and is not subject to attorney-client privilege in Argentina.

If you have an on-going legal proceeding in your home country, you can be assured that no one from ARCA will respond to any subpoenas, nor will we discuss your case with anyone. Your Immigration Advisor is an Argentina national and is not subject to the jurisdiction of a foreign court. Our client list is kept confidential as well and we will neither confirm nor deny that you have ever been a client of ARCA.

If you have an on-going legal proceeding in Argentina and you have sensitive immigration questions, we will put you directly in touch with one of our attorneys rather than our Immigration Advisors so that attorney-client confidentiality can be maintained.

Will I be dealing with a lawyer directly?

No. You will be dealing with one of our Immigration Advisors. Our Advisors are highly-trained in all aspects of Argentina immigration procedure, however, and are perfectly capable of answering your questions. In the event that your question cannot be answered, your Immigration Advisor will confer with one of our attorneys. ARCA keeps costs low for you by utilizing our legal team manage your visa application and correspond with government officials. Your Immigration Advisor will help you through the process - helping you gather the paperwork required and accompanying you to government agencies once you arrive in Argentina.

No other lawyers offer guarantees. How can ARCA offer a money-back guarantee?

ARCA practices immigration law exclusively. We are thoroughly versed in the immigration laws of Argentina and our attorneys ensure that the visa examiners who review our clients' applications apply the law fairly and consistently. Although rarely ever necessary, we can challenge a visa examiner's ruling in court if the law is not being applied fairly to our clients' application.

We cannot offer the guarantee to everyone, however. Please review the guarantee page to ensure that the guarantee applies to your situation. If you have any further questions about the guarantee, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will let you know whether the guarantee applies to your situation.

What is an Immigration Advisor?

An Immigration Advisor is someone who will help you through the entire immigration process. Each of our clients is assigned an Immigration Advisor who will serve as his or her single point of contact throughout the entire immigration process. Preparing your residency application often requires a good deal of interaction with the client to ensure that we obtain the proper paperwork.

Your Immigration Advisor will help you obtain all the required paperwork, advise you of the status of your application, and keep you in the loop. Once you arrive here in Argentina, your Immigration Advisor will meet you and accompany you to all the relevant government agencies to translate and help you obtain all your identity documents.

Although your Immigration Adivsor is not an attorney, he or she has extensive knowledge of immigration law and is able to answer all your questions. Your Immigration Advisor is your partner throughout the immigration process.

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