ARCA's primary expertise is helping people gain legal residency in Argentina. We understand that successfully navigating government regulations can be difficult, especially when dealing with a foreign government. Add to that the fact that most of our clients are not fluent in Spanish, and the process becomes even more daunting.

When you select ARCA to handle your residency, we not only ensure you can enter the country as a legal resident, we get you settled once you're here. For a single flat fee, we perform the following services for you:

Services We Provide Before Your Arrival

Review your individual situation and objectives and select the appropriate visa.
Provide you with full advice regarding the documents you must send to us. (*)
Provide you with detailed instructions about documents to be processed in your country of origin certification steps to comply with. (*)
Provide you with all templates and drafts of documents required. (*)
Process all translations and certification of your documents to be accepted by the Argentine Authorities.
Initiate and complete the immigration process with the Department of Migrations in Buenos Aires.
Payment of your Immigration Tax.
Negotiate on your behalf if a problem arises.
Schedule your interview with the Argentine Consulate in your country.
Examine your documents to ensure everything is complete and no problems will arise during your interview with the consulate. (*)
Follow up of your visa process in your country of origin.
Schedule with the client his trip to Argentina to organize further services upon arrival in Argentina.
(*) Many documents are kept by the Immigration Authorities and will not be returned to the Customer.

Services We Provide After You Arrive

Assistance to organize in Buenos Aires your hotel reservation / temporary lease in Buenos Aires.
Schedule your visit with the appropriate government departments to obtain your Argentine id (DNI) and your local tax id number (CUIL).
Accompany you to the government offices. We present your paperwork, communicate on your behalf in Spanish with the government, and ensure there are no problems when issuing your DNI and tax identification documents.
Introduce you to a banker and assist you with opening a local bank account. This is mandatory to be able to renew your visa after 1 year.
We will be happy to assist you with introducing you to a real estate agent who can assist you with finding an apartment or house for rent or purchase.

Going The Extra Mile For Clients

As you can see, ARCA does much more than push papers - we ensure your successful arrival and legal migration to Argentina. ARCA clients are never asked to communicate with or contact any government officials (except for the required consular interview in your home country). We handle all the details of the immigration process so you don't have to worry.

Your Partner Throughout The Process

More than that, ARCA provides you with a single point of contact throughout the entire process - a knowledgeable and helpful Immigrations Advisor who will attend to your needs throughout the entire process. Your advisor will be with you every step of the way, from assisting you when you gather the paperwork, to accompanying you to government agencies once you arrive in Argentina. You can count on ARCA before, during, and after the process to make sure you never feel alone. Your advisor will be your partner and advocate throughout this process.


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